Video: Your gifts meet humanitarian needs in Zhytomyr, Ukraine

When Russia’s years of aggression became an open invasion, our city and country faced an unprecedented crisis. Families fled, leaving their homes behind. Many lost jobs. Dads and husbands enlisted. We were determined to cushion the impact on our orphaned youth and families, who were already so vulnerable. But we couldn’t do it alone. 

Then your donations began coming in. First a flood online, then stacks of envelopes in the mailbox. Familiar names and new names, anonymous donors and close friends. All the work in the video below was made possible by your gifts.

Prompted by our compassionate God, YOU showed up for our community. You’ve given generously and prayed continually. We’re so thankful.

The war continues to bring destruction and disruption all over the country. Our refugees face a longer and longer exile. New needs arise… and we’ll keep responding, through your gifts to our War Relief fund. When the time comes, the same fund will help our families return and rebuild. 

Success for Shelter Moms

Shelter Crisis Housing is a home where orphan moms can stay in a true emergency and receive comprehensive help for their families. But how do we know this model is effective?

Eight of the moms who started the Shelter program have completed the steps and accepted all the help we provide. All eight are now in stable housing and able to care for their children. That’s a 100% success rate for those who follow the program.

Donations for the Shelter program lead to:

  • children at home instead of an orphanage
  • moms able to provide safe, loving households
  • healthy family stories replacing generational abuse and neglect
  • a post-orphanage community founded on God’s love

That’s worth celebrating! In this video, we welcome you to walk through the doors of the Shelter to learn, laugh, play, and heal with our families:

But wait, there’s more!

Orphanage graduates from all Last Bell’s programs benefit from this residential home.

Our Restoration Project crew has breakfast and lunch at the Shelter, along with morning devotions. Sergei (RP foreman) and Anna (Shelter staff) demonstrate a positive model of marriage and child-rearing. The guys sometimes babysit or help residents move in and out. The RP apprenticeship keeps them busy, but the Shelter weaves them into our larger community.

Students in our Educational Outreach program may stay at the Shelter if their trade school dorm is closed for a school break, or between holiday visits with friends or relatives. Orphanage graduates of all ages stay when they’re in Zhytomyr for medical treatment or work on documents. Or they just drop by for a hot meal and conversation!

Orphan moms from Stop the Cycle (Shelter’s umbrella program) wash laundry at the Shelter, take showers, pick up groceries, sit down for meals, and just stop by to visit. Donated clothing, coats, and shoes from American friends, as well as diapers, medication, and vitamins, are stored, sorted, and handed out at the Shelter. Moms and students alike drop by for used clothing. Oksana Pankyeyeva offers counseling and individual consulations at her Shelter office.

So many friends added bricks to this amazing building. Many thanks to the original donors who helped us purchase it; the staff and youth who filled it with laughter and love those first years; the RP crew and other workers who converted it into crisis housing; the staff and volunteers who serve our residents now; and current donors who put sheets on the beds and borscht on the table.

May God bless your own giving and receiving of hospitality this season!

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