Orphanage graduates fall into terrible circumstances and often die young in Ukraine. They struggle to find housing, work, and good relationships. Last Bell helps them overcome and end the generational orphan cycle.


It’s difficult to find reliable statistics on Ukrainian orphans, who are considered “throwaway kids” by society. Even our most conservative estimates describe a bleak outcome. Without intervention…

Are Chronically Unable to Find Work

Boys Enter a Continual Rotation Between Crime and Prison

Orphan Girls are Sexually Exploited

Commit Suicide by Age 18

We Serve Orphanage Graduates

Orphanhood often begins in regional villages, with most youth aging out of local orphanages by sixteen. Every year, 300 new orphanage graduates are sent to Zhytomyr to attend the city’s 20+ trade schools.

They're anxious about the future:

• They lack basic life skills and the ability to navigate in Ukrainian society.
• Problems multiply when they become parents; their kids are likely to be the next generation of orphans.
• Maturing orphanage graduates struggle in poverty without the support of a loving community.

In all stages of their lives, we address their need for nurture, spiritual growth, practical support, and opportunities.


Our youth and Last Bell staff need your prayers and intercession. We would love for you to join our faithful prayer team!

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In addition to monetary support, we are constantly in need of clothing, medication, and other basic necessities.

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Your unique gifts can contribute towards loving and restoring orphanage graduates toward Life and community.

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