• In wartime, orphaned youth in Ukraine are even more vulnerable. Your year-end gifts provide humanitarian aid for young people without family support.

  • in a garage, a middle-aged woman hands a young woman a black t-shirt
  • three people stand in a warehouse-style store with crates of goods in front of them, all three posing with a package
  • a young woman crouches down to tie a practice tourniquet around someone's leg
  • five people looking into the camera sit on furniture in a living room, with a cardboard box of goods in front of them on the floor
  • In wartime, orphaned youth in Ukraine are even more vulnerable. Your gifts provide humanitarian aid for young people without family support.

  • a man and woman in a bulk grocery store stand behind a dolly stacked with cartons, smiling into the camera
  • a young woman stands, practicing wrapping a bandage around the (clothed) armpit and shoulder of a seated woman, both dressed in black
  • a young woman holds up a pink baby sweater; in the background are piled boxes of clothing and other items
  • a man stands at the back of a red van, which is full of boxes and backpacks, holding several items as they fall out
Last Bell is committed to serving orphaned youth and orphan-parented families in our community, as well as neighbors impacted by war. We’re meeting the material needs of our youth and families, reaching out to refugees in our city, and supporting our own community members who’ve evacuated. Please pray for our staff and our youth during this time.  

Last Bell

In Ukraine, many children in state care still grow up in orphanages, isolated from their culture. When the last bell rings for graduation, teenage orphans enter a bewildering world alone, with minimal life skills and no one to love or support them.

In the city of Zhytomyr, two hours west of Kyiv, Last Bell meets these young people in their deep need. During the present crisis, we’re helping youth and families evacuate, supporting them logistically, collecting and distributing humanitarian aid, and continuing to mentor and encourage all our orphaned youth and families at home and abroad.

Two women, one a teen and one an adult, stand in front of green foliage in traditional Ukrainian dress.

Impact Report

In our 2021-2022 Impact Report, learn how Last Bell is responding to the needs of orphanage graduates in Zhytomyr, Ukraine, whether during peace or war.


It’s difficult to find reliable statistics on Ukrainian orphans, who are considered “throwaway kids” by society. Even our most conservative estimates describe a bleak outcome. Without intervention…

73 %

Are Chronically Unable to Find Work

70 %

Boys Enter a Habitual Rotation Between Crime and Prison

60 %

Orphan Girls are Sexually Exploited

10 %

Commit Suicide by Age 18

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Our youth and Last Bell staff need your prayers and intercession. We would love for you to join our faithful prayer team!



In addition to monetary support, we are constantly in need of clothing, medication, and other basic necessities.


Your unique gifts can contribute towards loving and restoring orphanage graduates toward Life and community.

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