Timely meeting at the mall

Left to right: Sasha, Zhenya, and staff member Nastya

A note from Nastya Konsedailo:

“It’s so amazing to watch how the Lord arranges meetings with the orphans who are students at trade schools, even when a meeting hasn’t been planned.

“For more than an hour we sat on a bench at the mall talking to Zhenya and Sasha. These two regularly attend worship services. My heart rejoices to see how God directs the conversation. We talked about how Christians need to not only try to become better people every day, but should also help others. Sasha shared about his own visits to orphanages in the region, giving his time, love, and care to the kids there—something he didn’t have when he was living in an orphanage.”

Left to right: Sasha, Zhenya, and staff member Nastya
Left to right: Sasha, Zhenya, and staff member Nastya

We also recently learned that Zhenya, who is a student at Trade School #5, really wanted braces so he could have nice teeth. He saved up the larger part of the money by working part-time after school. Last Bell helped him find a good dentist. So his dream finally became a reality! Zhenya was very grateful for our help.

Zhenya at the dentist, accompanied by Last Bell's staff
Zhenya at the dentist, accompanied by Last Bell’s staff
Zhenya with his new braces
Zhenya with his new braces

This is where Last Bell’s story ultimately leads: to young people who feel loved and safe, and in turn are able to manage their own lives with confidence and then give back to their communities. This is the fruit of our hardworking, godly staff and their mentorship – and it’s the fruit of many prayers and gifts from all of you, our supporters across the ocean.

We’d love to bring more of our staff members, like Nastya and Lena, as well as some of our youth, to visit with you all. Please pray with us about this dream!

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