Staying faithful to our hurting community

As we hear reports of soldiers killed, homes and cities destroyed, and other brutalities of war, it would be easy to just close our eyes and pray it will be over soon. But that’s not what God calls us to. Because of our hope in Jesus, we remain “steadfast, immovable, always abounding” in the work God has given us. 

Here in the U.S., as we look to the next weeks and months, we ask:

  • How can we remain present with our suffering community—sharing their joy and grief?
  • How can we give extra support to our staff as they serve?
  • How can we be flexible and open to the wartime needs of our orphaned youth and families?

Our staff members answer that last question with their hands and feet, daily serving our youth even as air raids are sounding. Please keep lifting them up in prayer. They shared these specific requests: 

Pray that the Lord gives peace to the heart, and takes away any kind of panic. Pray that we rely entirely on him.

Pray for wisdom to deal with danger rightly, not acting out of fear or carelessness. 

Pray for supernatural power to comfort and support others’ faith.

Pray for our relatives and loved ones who are fighting… may the Lord protect them and bring them back home.

Thank you for your gifts, your prayers, and your words of encouragement over the past year. We know you will continue to walk beside us in faith! 

A recent sleepover for our girls’ group. They made pie, watched a movie, sang praise songs, and talked. They also prayed for Ukraine—for the government, for soldiers, for people who lost their relatives or homes, for the economy, for pastors, and more. These petitions are a normal part of communal prayer now.

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