So many hugs! Our refugees begin returning home

After six months of exile, some of our refugees are back in Zhytomyr! 

Our city was targeted early in the war. After a long reprieve, missiles again hit the outskirts in June. Since then, it’s been quiet. We’re around three hundred miles from the front lines.

Many of our moms continue enjoying the hospitality of a Christian community in the Netherlands, where they feel safe. But a few families decided the benefits of being at home outweighed the risks.

Our friends in the Netherlands chartered a van, adding to the list of their many kindnesses. They sang our families on their way with Psalm 121.

If you know the Kaplun family, you won’t be surprised that fearless Alona and her two kids are home! Alona and Sasha have been part of Last Bell’s community since its founding. Sasha works for a local missionary, and both of these former orphans are role models and volunteers. The kids couldn’t stop hugging their dad.

Lida and her little boy also returned. Lida’s husband is on the front lines, and she’s worried. Please keep praying for the safety of our soldiers. 

One young mom returned to her fiancé, who’s also part of Last Bell’s community. Watch for their special story in our holiday letter!

All our orphan-parented families appreciate your prayers: those who remained in Zhytomyr, those in other countries, and those now returning to normal life in a country at war.

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