Repairing missile damage and finding hope: Vitya’s home

When Vitya was eight, his mother died. Later his father died. Vitya became a true orphan. Our staff taught life skills lessons at Vitya’s trade school last year, and invited him into our Educational Outreach program. He began visiting the Day Center and even brought his girlfriend.

After the death of his parents, Vitya remained the sole owner of a partial house that was previously used as a barn. It was in terrible shape.

Then the war began, and a bomb was dropped near Vitya’s home. Many people died, and one of Vitya’s neighbors went to the hospital with shrapnel injuries. The impact cracked Vitya’s ceiling and shattered his dishes. He found a bomb fragment in his yard. 

 But in the middle of the destructiveness of war, our Restoration Project crew is always ready to make something new. 

Vitya made a few repairs himself, but couldn’t do the rest on his own. So our crew decided to help.

What could have been a disaster soon turned into an opportunity.

Vitya worked hard alongside the guys. Now, he’s RP’s newest crew member. After renovating his own home, Vitya will make homes safe for other orphaned youth and families. 

The Restoration Project is starting its eighth year! Though the crew members rotate out every few years, we keep seeing new depth and maturity. Recently Sasha was teaching Vitya how to lay tiles.

So much is possible in a loving community. Our orphaned young men are learning skills and developing the confidence to pass them on. Thank you for supporting this work! 

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