Photos: Discovering identity with orphaned students

After years of receiving the message that they are nobodies with no future, many orphanage graduates struggle to plan for one. But with help, our youth can learn who they are and break the cycles of poverty and neglect in their families.

In January, our new volunteer Krystya shared about remembering the old year and setting goals for the new year. This is a great time of year to make hopeful plans! 

A week after Krystya’s lesson, staff member Yulia visited the social dorm where many orphaned students live. Everybody made pizza together, then took personality inventories and discussed them. “Who am I?” is another big question for teenagers. That’s especially true for orphans, whose families didn’t provide a stable identity. 

Visiting orphaned youth where they live

Our staff use these interesting conversations to tell our youth, who were discarded by their families and society, that they are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Whether at the Day Center, the social dorm, or in one-to-one meetings, orphaned students are learning they are somebodies and their future matters. 

As they plan for that future, our team follows up with practical help. Your gifts make it all possible, even during the challenges of war. Thank you! 

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