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Our refugees after a winter in Europe

In our Impact Report, we shared that 150 of our people evacuated, and about half have returned. But many remain in Europe. Over the winter, they tried to adjust to their new homes.

In the Netherlands, some moms tried to work, but ran into challenges. They often biked many miles in the rain, then got sick. And their low-paying jobs made them ineligible for the aid given to refugees. So they’re not working anymore. 

The younger children love their teacher. She’s very creative! The high-schoolers struggled to adjust. They have a long bike ride to school, and they miss their teachers and friends in Ukraine.

Thankfully, these families have a lot of support. When Yuliana moved back to Ukraine, she asked Angelika to be the group leader. Angelika graduated from Stop the Cycle many years ago and is a trusted member of the Last Bell community. She drives our moms in the ministry car to shop for groceries and clothing. Student Nastya helps with babysitting.

A Ukrainian pastor is providing Bible studies, and each family has a Dutch helper. Last Bell supplied a stock of medications the families often use. 

The families that settled in Poland, Ireland, Austria, Latvia, and Sweden are doing well and have the support they need. All our families believe the war will be over soon, and they’re ready to come home! Meanwhile, our moms in the Netherlands sent some prayer requests: 

  • Anya S.’s daughter Eva has serious dental surgery soon, and she’s very worried.
  • Angelika asks for prayer for her family, for her spiritual life, for strengthened faith, and that it would be easier for her children to handle school in two countries.
  • Bogdana prays “for peace and victory in Ukraine.”

Thank you, friends, for supporting our youth at home and abroad!