“My dream: for orphans to serve orphans!”

Shared by Lena Voznyuk

Note: You can read more about Agape here. Agape’s “adaptation centers” are essentially transitional homes for orphaned young people—similar to what Last Bell offers, but completely residential, and with a strong focus on family-style Christian discipleship. There are nine adaptation centers across Ukraine housing 37 young people.

I’ve been praying that our young people would minister to other orphans with us. So recently Nastya and I took Sveta (from the Shelter) and Masha (from Educational Outreach) on a trip to the city of Rivne. These two girls try to live according to God’s Word and wholeheartedly serve in their churches: Sveta with children’s Sunday School and Masha with the greeters.

We visited the organization Agape, which has “adaptation centers” all over Ukraine but is centered in Rivne.

We wanted to demonstrate that people serve orphans all over Ukraine and even the world. We aren’t the only ones; most believers are called to take care of orphans in some way!


The young ladies from the Agape center immediately befriended our girls and took us on a walking tour of the city. The girls shared amazing stories of how God had changed their lives.


That night, the guys and leaders from the Agape boys’ center visited the girls’ center. So we had a big crowd of orphanage graduates who spoke the same language – laughing and sharing about life with God.


Some of Agape’s leaders are graduates from Grishkivtsi orphanage. So they know Zhenya, one of our guys who also came from Grishkivtsi, and some of our other young people.

Sveta and Masha watched very carefully. I enjoyed seeing how quickly they blended in with these new youth.

The next day we all attended church, then went to the zoo. It was so fun and joyful! We attended church in the evening, and then visited the boys’ center. The tour included their garden. We had dinner and enjoyed Christian songs together. Though we met just two days ago, God made us a family!


That night I went to Sveta’s and Masha’s room to tell them goodnight. They both told me that when they have families of their own, they want to minister to orphans at a center like Agape’s. This has become my prayer for them.


May God protect Sveta’s and Masha’s path, and help them know God’s heart for serving others in the future!

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