Many Thank-Yous From Our Youth

In our 2016 Report, we shared a passionate thank-you letter from Yulia Sagaidachna, a woman from our Stop the Cycle program who has become a beloved member of our community. We’ve shared several of Yulia’s blogs.

Today we want to share a few other thank-you notes that Yulia collected this fall from fellow orphanage graduates. We’re so grateful to all of you who make it possible for us to support these precious young families!

From Masha Pankeyeyva: Through Last Bell I’ve made many real friends. I’m thankful for the impact they’ve had in my life. Through you, God has touched my life, has changed it and continues to change it. I appreciate your care for me, and that you never abandon me in difficult times. Thank you for everything!

Masha with a recent visitor from America, supporter Tammy Dunn

Natalia Ostrovskaya: I don’t know how I would have survived my circumstances without Last Bell. I’m happy about that moment in my life when I met Liza, who started this ministry. There were so many times when I thought nothing could be done to fix a situation, but with your help everything was fixed. Now I have the assurance that I have loyal friends who will never leave me or betray me. Over all these years we’ve become so close. You are the only people I can be open with.

Oksana Orendovskaya: Thank you for pouring so many good things into us. Thank you for supporting us for many years, loving us sincerely, and helping us! Thank you to the sponsors who provide summer camps and clothes for our kids!

Alona Pavitskaya and Sasha Kaplun: We’ve always dreamed of living in our own house. But we never imagined this dream would come true. Without the help of their parents, young families in Ukraine have no way to fix a house like ours. But Last Bell made our dream real! Very soon we’ll move into our own wonderful home. When I think about it I have tears in my eyes because of the joy I feel.

Marina Shepeluk: Big thanks to everyone who organized this program. I had no job and my family sometimes went without food for couple of days, until we learned about Last Bell. I’m very thankful to God for everyone who works with Last Bell. Because you paid for my training to become a nail specialist, I can make money while staying at home with the kids! On my own I wouldn’t be able to achieve all these things. Besides that, through Last Bell I’ve learned about God, and my life is changing!

Natalia and her little boy Sasha

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