Introducing our Stop the Cycle Mobile Unit

When an orphan becomes a mom, she needs a lot of help. Some of the moms in Stop the Cycle are too far away to visit us often. So our Mobile Unit is going to them!

Nina, Valya, and Anya were glad to see our new Mobile Unit arrive. These orphan moms live in villages far from Zhytomyr, in difficult circumstances. They were grateful for the groceries, diapers, gently used clothing, and other supplies we brought.

Visits help them feel loved and not so isolated. Staff member Sasha shared that the three moms served their visitors not only tea but something to eat as well – a sacrifice for them but an important gesture in Ukrainian culture.

This is also an important opportunity to take stock of a mom’s living conditions, which she might be too shy to share. Her home might need minor renovations or insulation for winter. Many villagers don’t have a clean water supply, so we check on that as well. And we learn about the safety and health of a mom’s relationship with her boyfriend or husband.

Our Mobile Unit is an expansion of holistic care for orphan families. Watch for an email coming soon with details about Katya, one of the first moms we visited.

You’re Part of the Team

Your prayers and gifts make it possible for our staff to meet the deep needs of orphan moms. Thank you!