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Confidence for our youth through the clothing pantry

Just two weeks ago, Vitaliy (below, left) visited our clothing pantry for the first time. Like many orphaned students, he doesn’t have the resources to buy many basic necessities. A physical disability adds other challenges. Staff member Sasha sent him home with clothes, a new jacket, and a hygiene kit.

Our pantry is always well-stocked, thanks to friends all over the world! Volunteers from First Presbyterian Church (Noblesville, IN) collect and ship boxes of coats, vests, and clothes. The nonprofit Changing Footprints donates shoes, which our volunteers pick up, sort, and ship to Ukraine.

Our staff organizes everything, then welcomes youth and moms to pick out just the right thing. The kids too find something to wear that makes them smile. Then our staff decides which extras can go east for refugees.

When our clothing pantry doesn’t have the right item or size, your donations make a way. Valera joined our community a few years ago, and attends a local trade school. Two years ago, we bought him new shoes. But he’s a growing young man, and in March, Sasha took him to buy shoes again! Our team, and your generosity, make sure our youth won’t be embarrassed by ill-fitting or worn-through clothes and shoes.

Valera was so grateful for the help. Thank you, friends, for meeting the fundamental needs of our youth!