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Belonging at Christmas: Gatherings with orphaned students and families

You did it! You met and exceeded our fundraising goal. We can move ahead with all our plans for serving orphanage graduates in 2023. Your gifts will provide Christian mentorship, educational help, medical advocacy, groceries and medications, crisis housing, and so much more. 

And in spite of the war, thanks to your generosity everyone celebrated the holidays in style—always remembering that Jesus is why we celebrate.

In mid-December, our Day Center filled up with 45 orphaned students! We talked about Christmas and sang Ukrainian Christmas carols with an accordion. All the students received candy and a flashlight to use during blackouts. Staff member Yulia wrote, “Who would have thought a simple thing like a flashlight would make us so happy this winter?”

See photos on Facebook: Christmas at the Day Center 2022

The past few years, our students received gifts from ministry friends in Ukraine. This year, our Dutch friends took on the project. They joyfully shared about our students, collected funds, bought gifts, and shipped boxes to Ukraine. Along the way, one company donated 50 gifts, another donated hygiene products, and individuals paid for gifts. The boxes arrived just before Christmas.

See photos on Facebook: Gifts for Students 2022

Our Shelter hosted two Christmas gatherings this year. The first was for our families in residence at Shelter Crisis Housing. The second included our larger Stop the Cycle community—everyone who comes to parenting classes. We read scripture and opened gifts. Our orphaned parents received a lot of love, and witnessed a model of how their families can celebrate holidays in a healthy way.

See photos on Facebook: Two Christmases at the Shelter 2022

As we consider the season of ministry ahead, we’re so thankful for your faithful partnership. Happy New Year! 

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