A Thanksgiving Photo Blog

Dear friends,

Like many of you, at Last Bell this week we’re thinking about everything we have to be thankful for. You know we’re grateful for your prayers, and your donations. But we wanted to step back, take a quiet moment, and share a little more about what fills us with gratitude.

We’re grateful for new connections between our supporters and our young people.


We’re grateful for the partnership of community organizations across the globe – from I Am Mom right in Zhytomyr, to the global MOPS network.


We’re always tickled and grateful for the sweet, encouraging notes we receive from you, in response to our stories or alongside your donations.


We’re grateful for and encouraged by all the volunteers working behind the scenes – hosting Andrey and Oksana, sending crafts, packing up boxes of children’s clothing, writing encouraging prayers for our staff, even stuffing and mailing our year-end letter!


We’re thrilled to watch our young people grow and mature, and we’re grateful for their unique gifts and passions to serve the people around them, including other orphanage graduates.


And we’re grateful that every year we witness more and more young people overcoming challenges and learning to thrive – thanks to your generous hearts!


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