Working with churches in a humanitarian crisis

Churches here in Zhytomyr know many of the needs of their members, especially the elderly. So we learn a lot through church friends. God so often works through these everyday relationships.

The Zhytomyr oblast, or region, borders with Belarus for about 175 miles. In mid-April, Oksana and Andrey Pankyeyev drove to a village near the border. A girl from their church alerted them to elderly relatives there who needed medications, so they included the family in their deliveries. Our social media supporters prayed as they traveled so close to Belarus, and they made it back safely. 

In late April, our newest team member went on her first humanitarian aid run! Lillia’s 2-month-old baby accompanied Lillia and her husband to Lillia’s home village. They delivered supplies to twenty families, including elderly church members who are now home-bound.

Around the same time, husband-wife team Sergei and Anya heard from two different churches about those in need. So they delivered bulk humanitarian supplies to both, and made some personal deliveries along the way. 

Congregations also provide countless volunteers. About a week ago, staff member Sasha and church volunteer Masha Slad drove supplies to another area close to Belarus. Last Bell and Masha’s church bought the supplies together. The men—including a chaplain known to our staff—showed the team where they’ve made dugouts in case of attack. 

It’s sweet to know that church communities in America are praying together for our ministry and churches here in Ukraine. Thank you!

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