What makes a good friend? Introducing DRUZI

Perhaps kindness… interest in your life… patience… gentle admonition when needed… and of course faithfulness even when times are tough. Last Bell’s youth are blessed with the friendship of our staff, volunteers in Ukraine and the USA, and those who give and pray. 

Our new program, DRUZI, names a very special group of friends: recurring donors. “Druzi” means “friends” in Ukrainian. Our DRUZI keep showing up faithfully, month after month!

Even a small recurring gift can make a big impact.

$5 provides tea and snacks for a one-to-one mentorship meeting each month.

$20 provides medication and antibiotics for one child in our Stop the Cycle program each month. 

It’s easy to securely set up a recurring gift by clicking “DRUZI” at the top of the page or this link:


Your monthly giving shows our young people they are loved, they’re worth investing in, and you believe they have a good future.

Thanks for being a faithful friend,

Megan Hershey
Executive Director

PS: Once a year, DRUZI will have special access to a Zoom call with our Director. Don’t miss out!

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