War taking its toll: death, deployments, families separated

Our Netherlands group, led by staff member Yuliana, is feeling more hopeful that they’ll be able to stay in their current location. They’re working with local officials and filling out documents.

Aside from that good news, it’s been a difficult week. The husband of one of our Stop the Cycle moms was killed in the fighting. He leaves behind a six-year-old boy and an unborn baby. At least two more husbands from our Stop the Cycle community are being deployed.

One young man is being sent to the front lines; his wife is with our Netherlands group. “They’re orphans,” Yuliana said, “and only you and I can stand in the gap to pray for them.”

Our team asks for prayer for his protection and that he would trust in Jesus; and for his wife as well. She shared, “I really feel God’s hand in everything… If I didn’t know God, I would probably go crazy.”

It’s so hard for families to be separated. One day last week, a boy from the Netherlands group fell off a bike and injured his mouth; the same day, Yuliana’s son David pulled a table onto himself, had a bike accident, and pinched his fingers in a door. The injuries will heal, but they’re a reminder that everyone is stressed, grieving, worrying about their dads and husbands, and unsure about the future.

Yuliana’s husband is also on our staff. Sasha’s days in Zhytomyr are drastically different from his family’s. He’s constantly in motion: shopping, transporting supplies and people, guarding the Shelter. He delivers meals to military checkpoints and prayer gatherings. “When the sirens go off, almost no one stops their business, because they have things to do. There’s confidence in the troops, there’s faith in God,” he said. 

After his birthday in April, Sasha shared, “If you used to think ‘I’ve lived another year,’ now you think, ‘I’ve lived another day.’ This life ‘is a mist that appears for a moment and then disappears!’”

a young man in a gray jacket crouches to pack boxes with various supplies

As we confront the moment-to-moment challenges of this war, we also trust God with the whole story of our ministry and our lives. We’re thankful for your prayers and your partnership through this part of the story.

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