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Visiting village councils in Poland

Director Andrey recently shared a list of all the great services Last Bell isn’t able to provide right now – no life skills lessons in trade schools, no counseling about education, no Stop the Cycle meetings, no home renovations for orphanage graduates. 

But he also shared the new ways we’re supporting our youth and families in the middle of a war. We’re evacuating people, of course. We’re also providing medications and meals, doing laundry at the Shelter, helping our refugees find housing, sorting and distributing humanitarian aid, checking on those in the city and in villages, bringing supplies to youth in social dorms, and helping our people in many other ways. 

We heard from staff member Lena, who evacuated to Poland with her mother and three of our orphaned students. This week they visited the village council for information about the documents they’ll need for an extended stay:

Yuliana’s group visited their village council this week for the same reason, and the council stocked the car with clothes and toys. The kids also had their first day at the local school. All the moms worried – Yuliana said it was like sending the kids off to school for the very first time – but everyone was fine. The teachers and students were all welcoming and gave them backpacks full of treats. We’re so grateful for the kind hearts in this village!

As our community is increasingly separated geographically, we appreciate your faithful prayers for the very different needs of those still in Zhytomyr and those who have evacuated. Thank you for holding it all and bringing it all before God.