Visit to Malyn: staff stretching to meet wartime needs

In a devastating humanitarian crisis, everyone takes on new roles.

Yulia N., one of our Educational Outreach staff members, normally spends time with orphaned youth through trade school visits, activities at our Day Center, outings in the city, and one-to-one mentorship.

Before the war, Sergei C. was the foreman of our Restoration Project. A small crew of orphanage graduates apprenticed with Sergei to learn home renovation skills and restore the homes of their fellow orphans. Those projects are now on hold.

Like all our staff, Yulia and Sergei were drawn to Last Bell by their compassionate hearts and desire to serve orphaned youth and families. That same compassion drives them to help our many neighbors who are suffering. 

Photos from Yulia of the damage in Malyn

Not long ago, Yulia and Sergei drove relief supplies to Malyn, about 50 miles from Zhytomyr. Malyn was hit hard because it lies on one of the routes between Belarus and Kyiv. Yulia shared photos of the devastation the team witnessed. “Malyn was heavily shelled just a few weeks ago. The bridge was blown up. Many houses were damaged. Many people left.” 

Their cargo included 130 family-sized packages of groceries, hygiene kits, and Christian literature. For the local deliveries, they met up with volunteers from Malyn, who added children’s Bibles and Christian literature. Everyone prayed together and shared their faith with the families they met. “Mothers with children were especially open to the Gospel,” Yulia said. 

The compassion of our staff is sweetly echoed by your compassion in giving. Even across the ocean, you’ve been good neighbors. Thank you!

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