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Video: Your gifts meet humanitarian needs in Zhytomyr, Ukraine

When Russia’s years of aggression became an open invasion, our city and country faced an unprecedented crisis. Families fled, leaving their homes behind. Many lost jobs. Dads and husbands enlisted. We were determined to cushion the impact on our orphaned youth and families, who were already so vulnerable. But we couldn’t do it alone. 

Then your donations began coming in. First a flood online, then stacks of envelopes in the mailbox. Familiar names and new names, anonymous donors and close friends. All the work in the video below was made possible by your gifts.

Prompted by our compassionate God, YOU showed up for our community. You’ve given generously and prayed continually. We’re so thankful.

The war continues to bring destruction and disruption all over the country. Our refugees face a longer and longer exile. New needs arise… and we’ll keep responding, through your gifts to our War Relief fund. When the time comes, the same fund will help our families return and rebuild. 

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