Valera draws close at camp; new matching funds!

Every year, some of our youth have life-changing experiences at camp. 

In 2017, Sasha declared he no longer wanted to live a “purposeless life,” as he described it. After camp our staff helped him enroll at Hebron IT Academy. In 2018 he became a Christian.  

In 2019, one of the dads almost left camp. But our staff convinced him to stay, and later he said camp strengthened his relationship with his family. After that, he regularly attended Stop the Cycle meetings.`

2020 was a special year. Many former orphans joined our camp team, beginning to teach and help alongside our staff.

Last year, ministry director Andrey drove one vanful of youth to camp, including a young man named Valera. At a gas station, Valera began having a seizure. Andrey shared about what followed:

“After the seizure I lifted him up, helped him walk to the van, put him in the front seat, buckled him, and left him to sleep. As we continued driving, I was looking at him and crying. I was so sorry this boy had been left by his parents….

“At camp he was always close to me, helping with the multimedia equipment. He was very excited because he had responsibilities.

“After camp he started to attend our church. After a time he lost interest; he forgets a lot of things because of his illness. But I believe camp boosted his relationship with the leaders at Last Bell.”

Camp always gives young people like Valera time away from the pressures of daily life, which are often overwhelming for orphans. This year, camp also gives them time away from war. Someone always chooses a “purposeful life” during these quiet days. Will your donation send that person to camp?

Another friend has added $5,000 to our matching fund for a total of $10,000. Just $125 doubles to cover one camper’s expenses! 

Thank you for continuing to bless our community of orphaned youth.

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