Update on visits to orphans’ homes

What happens when social orphans are sent home?

We were deeply concerned when we heard about orphanages closing due to the pandemic, and children sent back to previously neglectful and abusive homes. These are our future youth! We couldn’t just stand by. Director Andrey organized local church members to visit the children, and they’ve now developed relationships with five families.

Each situation is different. One mom had been disabled by a stroke, and her son struggles with a learning disability. One uncle has active tuberculosis. Some parents drink heavily and neglect the children. One home was filthy with fleas, dust on the food, and a bad smell. But in another, the oldest boy kept house while his mom worked hard for a paltry income.

Volunteers began taking kids to church, and assisted with groceries, notebooks and text books, masks, backpacks, socks and shoes, and registering kids at the public schools. One volunteer traveled to another district for a child’s ID.

Volunteer Andrey, from Central Word of Love church, doesn’t have a car, so he began visiting a family by bicycle. Soon he was taking all the kids for rides – even to church! The home environment isn’t good, but both parents work and are open to help. Two kids were badly behind in mathematics, and Andrey is teaching them the times tables.

One older boy has poor health, with inflamed lymph nodes. When he came to church without socks, Andrey shared, “the attendees… not only noticed, but immediately pulled two pairs of socks over his feet. Somehow they stretched; the socks were for a three-year-old… The words from Scripture come to mind… ‘Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?’”

Our community is rich with service, from you who give and pray in the States, to those who work beside us serving children of all ages. Thank you! Watch for our next email with an update about the effects of the pandemic on our own orphaned young adults.

Many churches volunteer with the local chapter of Young Life, and volunteers helped two adolescent boys attend Young Life camp. One boy decided to follow Jesus. He’s now in trade school in another city, but church members and Young Life friends stay in touch and encourage him.

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