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Update on our Netherlands group

Our group in the Netherlands has faced some challenges with their permission to stay where they are. They’re working on the necessary documents, and they’re hopeful about the outcome.

Meanwhile, recent days included some normalcy and steps toward healing. 

Sasha O.’s thirteenth birthday was April 10th. For two days, Yuliana said, everyone was busy with preparations, “so the children could feel some joy and have a childhood during this difficult time.” Sasha’s mom Natasha and Angela K. baked birthday cakes. Others made pizzas. Old and new friends celebrated together.

This Wednesday, the adults took part in a webinar conducted by a Ukrainian organization. The purpose of the webinar was to help parents communicate with their kids during wartime, understanding their behavior and helping them regulate their emotions. 

Prior to the trip out of Poland, one of Last Bell’s founders, Liz Zubko, met with the group and brought gifts and supplies, including a children’s curriculum for processing war trauma. Alona P. began using those materials with the kids while the adults were busy. 

Staff members Lena and Katya, their mothers, and staff member Sasha T.’s family are in the Netherlands as well. The two orphaned young women who came into Poland with Lena ultimately decided to go back to Ukraine. Please pray for all our orphaned youth; it’s hard to face life in a new country, and hard to live in a country at war. Our staff connects with all of them, counseling and encouraging.

Please pray, too, for our Netherlands group. Pray for our mighty God to soften the heart of the mayor forcing this new move. And pray for our moms, for the strength to pack up and move again, for peace from the Holy Spirit, for wisdom as they comfort their children.

While Easter in Eastern Europe is April 24th, we know our friends in the U.S. are celebrating Easter this weekend. We serve a risen Savior who has already triumphed over death and the powers of this world, and we put our trust in Him during each new development. 

Thank you for praying and for trusting God along with us!