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Two orphanage graduates meeting wartime needs

Oksana wrote, “Do our friends know that everything is closed now?” She listed factories, small businesses, hairdressers, theaters, schools, kindergartens, and more. Grocery stores and pharmacies close by 5 PM. Bosses withhold wages. “There is no normal life, only war.”

In the villages, the shelves are empty because deliveries have ceased. We’ve distributed food and supplies to nineteen families, and we’re thankful this is still possible. 

Nina, an orphanage graduate, called us recently. Her village was out of medications, diapers, and baby food. After we told Nina where to find diapers, she collected documents from all eight moms in the village, found a car, and picked up diapers for all the children. Then our team brought food, children’s medications, and other supplies. “We left everything to Nina,” Oksana said. “She will distribute to those in need.” So, through one orphanage graduate, a whole village is receiving help. 

Former orphan and staff member Yuliana was a nurse for many years. Now she’s overseeing our first evacuees in Poland. Recently many at the retreat center were sick, and Yuliana became nurse-in-residence for a couple of very tiring days.

Thanks to another recent evacuation, Yuliana’s job will be getting easier. Staff member Lena V. drove with two orphaned students into Poland. We’re thankful for their safety, and for the car Lena brought, which a volunteer delivered to Yuliana. It will be a huge help at the rural retreat center.

Yuliana was also encouraged by Sunday’s church service at the retreat center. The whole volunteer team came, including a Christian friend from Zhytomyr. Many from the retreat center attended. “Even when it seems you will soon fall for lack of strength,” Yuliana said, “God gives strength and restores spiritually and physically.”

L: volunteer Nastia took Yuliana’s family out for pizza as a break from her nursing work.
R: new and old friends at the church service on Sunday.

So many of our staff members are now far out of their comfort zones. No one had trained for war, evacuation, or meeting needs in another country and language. Please pray for them as they take on new roles, both in unfamiliar places and at home where the familiar has become unfamiliar and dangerous.

Thank you for your unflagging support and prayers.