Too good to be true for Tolik

God sends us orphaned youth in many different ways. Tolik hit us like a ton of bricks!

At the time, our Restoration Project crew was renovating the home of RP crew member Oleg. Oleg’s and his neighbor’s homes share one wall, and new brick work kept appearing mysteriously next door. Finally we met the young owner behind the bricks: Tolik, Oleg’s cousin, who grew up in the same orphanage.

Tolik had been sending money home from Poland to his wife and baby girl—but while he was away, his wife left him for someone else. The house was abandoned. So he began sending funds both for his family and for brick workers. We met him on his next trip to Zhytomyr, and hired him for the RP crew.

For two years Tolik helped the Restoration Project create safe housing for orphans. One project was Tolik’s own house; the crew fixed the walls and roof and did some vital indoor work. Later, Tolik improved his kitchen, poured a concrete porch, and installed a furnace. His new church friends surprised him with a small refrigerator.

But Tolik needed more than just a safe home. He was also welcomed into a safe, loving community. When he felt his house was presentable, he threw a big party. Staff members came with their kids. Tolik’s godparents came, and said that at first they couldn’t believe any of this good fortune was real, but then their worries all dissolved. Our staff gave God the glory. Everyone laughed and cried together, saying that Tolik has a chance to start a new life in this house.

Just a few weeks ago, at the invitation of another RP graduate, Tolik started a new construction job in Kyiv. We see him in Zhytomyr on weekends, and pray he will be successful in this new chapter of his life!

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