Those who’ve evacuated, those left behind

The photos and videos coming out of Ukraine, including our city of Zhytomyr, are horrifying. Destruction, debris, gaping holes in buildings, damage to schools, hospitals, churches. Residents of Zhytomyr have been killed in these attacks. 

The Shelter was once a warm, welcoming home for orphaned moms in crisis. Now, it’s just a staging ground for evacuations. Director Andrey recorded this sober tour of an emptied-out Shelter building, children’s stuffed animals and toys still displayed on beds and shelves:

We continue to meet the needs of students and others orphaned youth who are still in the city. We’re handing out supplies any time we’re able to meet up with our youth. And we’re continuing to stay in touch by phone or video chat with students we aren’t able to see in person.

We’re also starting to receive a few photos from staff member Yulia S., who’s with the first group of evacuees to Poland. Now that they’ve made it safely across the border, they’re able to rest, cook, and take the kids out to play. The Polish people are taking good care of them, and they’ll be moving to a retreat house soon.

Two groups began evacuating yesterday, headed for two different countries. Please pray for their safety on the road and for quick, smooth border crossings. We also appreciate your prayers for those who are still in Zhytomyr, either staying for now or waiting to be evacuated. 

Thank you for your donations, your prayers, and your fervent messages of support. We know you are with us. 

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