This December, Give for Vika

Dear friend,

When you donate to Last Bell, you help orphanage graduates with education, housing, medical needs, and in other practical ways. But orphanhood is more than material need. Many orphans have experienced unimaginable trauma—and your generosity makes it possible for healing to begin.

Vika’s mother struggled with alcoholism, but her father didn’t drink and treated his children kindly. One day, Vika’s mother fell asleep with a cigarette, and the apartment caught fire. While her parents slept, six-year-old Vika pulled her brother out of the blaze. Then she went back for her father, but he was severely burned. He died in her arms.

Vika was taken into state custody. For two years she stopped speaking. She was passed around different institutions, and finally found Last Bell through our Educational Outreach program.

We’ve begun to meet Vika’s needs, especially her long list of physical and mental health issues. In her 22 years she’s had ten surgeries for different conditions. Once, a bad reaction to anesthesia caused a six-month coma, so she’s terrified of medical procedures. And mental illness makes coping difficult.

We address Vika’s physical well-being by advocating with doctors and going to appointments. But her emotional and mental suffering require long-term, caring relationships. She needs to know she’s safe. During quarantine, Vika’s been staying at a nearly-empty dorm. Again and again, staff members check on her and take walks with her around town.

Over time, Vika is learning that we love her, that God loves her, and that she doesn’t have to struggle alone. This is the healing work that flows from your generosity, to the glory of God.

Will you donate today to help young people like Vika?

With gratitude,

Megan Hershey
Executive Director

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