These sweet dreams provided by you

Sometimes the needs of our youth are very simple – like a bed to sleep in.

Yana’s parents are deceased, along with three of her eight siblings. After graduation from trade school, the government gave her a small room in a social dorm about thirty minutes from Zhytomyr. Social dorms aren’t meant to be permanent housing, but the room is a good solution for now. Yana just needs to pay electric bills.

Luba visiting Yana at her social dorm

However, she didn’t have a bed. And the social dorm kitchen is in terrible shape!

Staff member Luba often meets with Yana for mentorship and to learn about her needs. At the end of May, Luba and Vasya put your dollars to work on a bed for Yana, which they also helped her install.

Like many Ukrainians in tight spaces, her kitchen will be a single burner plate and an electric kettle. She’s really happy with her little space, and she’s excited about buying dishes and other cooking supplies.

Yana has a severe form of epilepsy, and she’s at the hospital right now for examinations that will help her receive disability status. But she’d like to get a job, too. Thanks for helping Yana dream good dreams for the future… and sweet dreams in her new bed!

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