The new normal (for now)

Two long weeks ago, this was the scene at our Day Center:

Now, not even those students’ schools and dormitories are safe. Oksana and our photographer recently dropped by this bombed-out school in our city:

We did receive encouraging news from our group in Poland, who are settling in there and beginning to create routines. Several of the moms, kids, and individuals decided to gather for a Bible hour every day. After the first meeting staff member Yuliana shared, 

“I prepared a message, but didn’t even have time to read, because so many of our girls were willing. I listened to Natalka [Kalchuk] and I shed tears, understanding how God had prepared her through leadership school, and how she was so gifted with words that it touched many hearts. It was like hearing a whole sermon today… 

“Many girls are praying for Ukraine, for their loved ones who stayed at home and have been sitting in basements for several days. We were joined by two unbelieving women and one believer… Everyone who joined our group listened to everything and even sang praises with us.”

We’re in day 15 of a war that threatens the lives of millions, and a refugee crisis in surrounding countries. It can be overwhelming, even to watch and read about. We ask you, friends, to stay the course with us, and we know you will. Please keep praying for everyone involved: for those huddled in their apartments, waiting for the next air raid siren; for those crowding into trains trying to evacuate; for the drivers on their fifth or tenth evacuation run to the border; for those trying to comfort their children after suddenly leaving home; for those staying to serve and risking their lives in so many ways. 

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