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Testimonies from evacuated families

In our next newsletter, we’ll give a more thorough update about some of our youth still in Zhytomyr. But we wanted to pause and share these encouraging stories from our evacuated families. We’re so thankful for God’s care for them through the compassion of global neighbors! 

We’ve heard about other evacuees in crowded conditions. “Many [not from Last Bell] are already being evicted,” staff member Oksana said. “But God very much blesses us.” Two weeks ago, Oksana organized resettlement for a Last Bell group of 17 in Romania. Nastia from that group shared:

“[The family] lives on a farm in the mountains. They’ve sheltered us in very good conditions. They asked people for dictionaries, to learn the language… I’m just happy that we’re doing well, and that we have you. Thank you!”

Oksana also organized settlement for a Last Bell group of 37 in Latvia. From a social center there, Zoryana shared,

“The most important thing is that we’re safe. We’re simple people, and very grateful for what we have. The curator from Riga wrote and offered to show us the city and take the children to the zoo. Such good people that my heart rejoices… My father God always takes care of me and my family.”

Zoryana and her kids
A family in Latvia shows their good living conditions

Remember Inga? She’s in a social center in Latvia as well. She shared,

“We were warmly welcomed and treated to the simplicity, kindness, and humanity of the Latvians. We were resettled in different rooms in the care of special caregivers, and provided with everything, like help with paperwork… The children were given a lot of toys. We can surely manage here, for the sake of our relatives and for a peaceful Ukraine. Thank you to all who support and help us!”

Inga’s kids in Latvia

Tanya from the Romania group shared:

“I’m very lucky… I’m with a young family. They have a son the same age as mine. They love us very much, they help us… They gave us clothes and shoes, take us to restaurants… I don’t even know how to thank them. I pray for their family and for ours, and for peace in Ukraine.” 

Tanya added, “I really want to go home.” 

As you pray for our displaced families, God is providing. Thank you!