Teaching Hospitality

Sharing Hospitality with Vika

The holidays are a time for giving and receiving hospitality, whether it’s sharing food, giving gifts, or just spending time in one another’s homes to sing, play games, talk, and pray together.

Last Bell’s staff members are often the givers of hospitality, welcoming orphanage graduates into LB facilities or their own homes, and providing food and games or other activities. In the process, our youth and families are learning how to receive and to become givers. 

We met Vika K. when she was in college. She’d lived with a grandmother who didn’t take care of her. Vika had many health problems. Then, in school, she became pregnant and gave birth to a little girl.

Vika began attending our Stop the Cycle parenting classes. Our staff took her to the hospital when needed, and helped her purchase groceries and other practical supplies. Vika needed special help in one area: she didn’t know how to cook, so she was eating a lot of junk food. Our staff gave her cooking lessons and taught her how to budget for groceries.

Recently, Vika invited staff members Luba and Vasya Yaroshuk to her apartment. She served tea with muffins she’d made herself. Her sweet smile shows how pleased she was! We’re grateful for the grace of giving and receiving, a reflection of God’s great hospitality toward us.

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