Stopping the cycle for orphan moms – together

When we work together with our community, more needs are met, and we have the joy of serving side-by-side with great people. 

Over a year ago, our staff met Katerina R. at a conference and learned that she ran a women’s center not far from Kyiv. Katerina and Oksana Pankyeyeva got to know each other, and agreed we would share experience and help. 

Soon after, Katerina visited our Shelter Crisis Center and brought gifts of baby food and diapers. She also put our staff in touch with a lawyer in Zhytomyr who specializes in working with public organizations and now helps prepare documents for our youth.

Then Oksana and driver Sasha, along with orphan mom Olya from the Shelter, visited Katerina’s organization. The Center for Mothers takes in women who have difficulty managing their lives – for example, those who’ve been in prison, homeless women with disabilities, or orphan moms. 

With clients from Katerina’s Center. Katerina is third from the left next to Oksana.

Since then, Katerina has helped in many different ways. Recently, she surprised us with many nice women’s handbags, which we gave to our moms during the big Easter meeting in May.

As Oksana said, “It’s great to be convinced again that we are not alone in God’s field!” We’re so thankful for the many compassionate people in our partner organizations—and for all our caring friends.

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