Spreading God’s love (through building renovation)

What do orphaned youth need most? Adults who love them, spend time with them, and show up in crises. Good advice about how to have relationships, live in society, and make plans for the future. And they need to hear that God loves them. They’re more likely to accept this message from people who meet their needs, demonstrating human love day in and day out!

Two of orphanage graduates’ most pressing needs are for safe housing and secure work. The Restoration Project meets this challenge in a unique way, through building renovation: a crew of orphaned youth apprentice in the building trade while renovating the homes of fellow orphans. Crew members gain job skills, and orphaned youth gain safe homes. 

But the Restoration Project doesn’t limit help to individual houses. Our crew goes wherever orphanage graduates need them.

The crew has a special connection to our Shelter Crisis Housing facility, where they eat breakfast with husband-wife team Sergei (RP foreman) and Anya (Shelter house manager). They also study the Bible together at the Shelter before starting the work day.

The orphaned youth in residence at the Shelter, mostly young moms and their families, often benefit from the crew’s work. Not long ago, they made this little table for the Shelter nursery: 

And just last week, they installed a new hood over the Shelter’s oven:

Director Andrey and our staff have developed relationships with many social organizations in our city. Some orphaned youth live in “social dorms” – government housing for those in need, usually with a time limit. The dorms often aren’t in the greatest condition. Earlier this week, the RP crew repaired some dorm walls and built an awning over an outside door. 

Many orphaned residents of this social dorm come to our Day Center for help and friendship. This awning was an easy way to say “You are loved and your life matters” – a reminder they will see every day!

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