Shelter evacuations begin

This morning, we sent our first group of evacuees toward the border of Poland. We needed to get our moms and their kids out of a city increasingly under attack. Three vans have left with many of our Shelter moms, as well as some other Stop the Cycle graduate families. 

Please pray for these families as they drive, and pray for a safe border crossing. The husbands and fathers who are helping them drive will need to turn around and come back before they cross. A friend is ready to receive them on the other side, and they do have a place to stay for now. We’re hearing that the Polish people are taking care of all immediate needs, so for now our moms will be able to hold back the money they’ve so carefully saved while at the Shelter.

This is devastating for our families. They’re terrified, grieving, and exhausted. Please pray for them. And please pray for Yuliana S., who will be taking them over the border. She is the only staff member who will be crossing, so the responsibility is falling very heavily on her young shoulders. She is evacuating with her children and, like so many others, leaving her husband behind. Some of our older families evacuating are also leaving behind husbands and dads.

Many of our other staff members are staying together at the Shelter, and continuing to meet the needs of other families and orphaned students. A handful of staff members have evacuated with their children to a safer region of the country. 

One bright note: staff member Lillia gave birth to a baby girl this morning! She was supposed to go to the maternity hospital that was shelled today, but felt a small voice telling her to go to a different hospital. 

Today’s events mark a new stage of this disaster, with some of our people in Zhytomyr and some trying to get to safety. The separation is very hard. We’re so thankful for your continued prayers for all our people, and we’ll send more updates as we receive them. 

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