Reunion with orphaned moms in the Netherlands

Several Last Bell leaders recently had the opportunity to visit with and encourage many of our evacuees. Megan Hershey, our Executive Director, flew in from the United States. Andrey and Oksana Pankyeyev drove from Ukraine, picking up Megan on the way to their first stop in Vriezenveen, the Netherlands.

Many of you are new to Last Bell, so perhaps introductions are in order! Andrey Pankyeyev is our Ministry Director in Ukraine, overseeing all facets of ministry. As a hands-on leader, he’s close to many of our youth and families. The kids love “Uncle Andrey.”

Oksana is the director of our Stop the Cycle program. Prior to the war, Stop the Cycle assisted orphans who became parents, especially single moms,  by providing parenting classes, camps, mentoring, childcare, and help with basic needs like groceries and crisis housing. Now, many have evacuated. Oksana’s like a mother to these women, and they hadn’t seen her for two months. The visit began with a joyful reunion. 

Netherlands group with visitors

We’re so thankful for everyone helping our evacuees all over Europe. In Vriezeveen, our group is housed by Stichting Noodhulp Oekraïne Vriezenveen (Emergency Aid Foundation Ukraine – Vriezenveen). In addition to housing, they’re providing fun activities, new food experiences, babysitting, gym time, and so many other kinds of care.

Soon you’ll hear more about life for many of our refugee communities. Watch for that letter coming soon!

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