Restoration Project

The Situation

The Situation

Many of our youth have inherited village houses or city apartments from deceased relatives. This seems like a blessing, but in reality these properties are often in such disrepair they are unsafe and uninhabitable.

The young people Last Bell helps may have children of their own while facing unstable housing situations. They have very few choices, living with friends or boyfriends, in temporary government housing, or in Last Bell’s crisis housing.

Because of their fragile circumstances, they struggle to establish rooted, attached families. If they’re barely surviving, it’s difficult to focus on their primary needs: work, housing, good relationships, and knowing Jesus. We believe they can do better than survive; we want to help them thrive.

Project Objectives

Project Objectives

  • Restore uninhabitable properties owned by orphanage graduates so they have viable shelter and can establish and maintain a stable home while remaining involved in Last Bell programs, mentorship, and Christian counseling
  • Teach vocational/construction skills to crew members and provide them an income
  • Employ a gifted Christian mentor and builder who will disciple crew members while guiding them to maturity
  • Provide participating families a physical image of “redemption” and “making all things new,” communicating the good news about Jesus in a way they can receive and understand
  • Enable our youth to help each other, actively participating in the restoration of healthy communities.
The Team

The Team

Sergei Cherniy is the head of the Restoration Project and the construction team supervisor. He meets many of our young people’s needs: vocational apprenticeship, safe housing, and mentorship. Sergey left a good job as a teacher and coach because he saw the value of our youth and was deeply affected by their troubles. He wants to help them thrive.

The RP construction crew is currently comprised of three young men who are graduates of local orphanages. They stay busy with a seemingly endless to-do list. Some tasks are simple repairs and others are extensive renovation projects.

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