Work begins on Dasha Zingel’s home

Last fall, many of you gave funds to help Dasha Zingel renovate her family’s apartment.  Dasha’s grandmother, her guardian, died when she was ten, and after that she lived in an orphanage. She doesn’t have a support system outside of Last Bell.  

Some of you were able to take part in a Zoom “visit” at Dasha’s apartment with Ukrainian director Andrey. In case you missed it, here’s the video of that fascinating interview. Please forgive the quality—the bandwidth was poor. But you can hear first-hand from Dasha about her life and see the apartment. 

Dasha and her husband Sasha renovated two rooms, but the rest was too costly for Sasha’s Ukrainian salary. After a couple other projects this winter, our Restoration Project crew—all former orphans, apprenticing with foreman Sergei—have begun renovating the Zingel home. Here, they’re laying tile.

For Dasha, these repairs would have been impossible. But your donations made it possible for the Restoration Project to complete the repairs. Thank you for making Dasha’s home safe for her family!

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