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Rebuilding homes, rebuilding lives: Last Bell’s Restoration Project

In the past few weeks, we’ve shared the basics about two of our three main programs: Educational Outreach and Stop the Cycle.

During this time of destruction and loss, our third program seems like an especially hopeful endeavor. The Restoration Project is all about restoring and rebuilding. 

In this program, a crew of orphanage graduates apprentices in the home renovation trade, working under staff foreman Sergei. The homes they restore belong to fellow orphans. So the Restoration Project meets two of orphaned young adults’ biggest needs: vocational skills and safe housing.

Last week, you saw our crew working on Sveta’s house. Making safe homes for orphaned youth is the crew’s central purpose. But they play many other roles! They’re our in-house maintenance crew and moving company, our furniture-builders, our handymen for small repairs, and our heavy lifters for boxes of war relief supplies. Sometimes, they even make repairs to the government-owned social dorm where many of our students live.

In Ukraine, even more than in the U.S., homes are passed down through families. Apartments are usually owned, not rented. Orphans face many other social and financial barriers to housing, and the situation will worsen as the war impacts Ukraine’s economy. 

But our RP crew is in the business of helping people rebuild their broken lives. When you think of these young men, please pray, as Psalm 90:17 says, that God will “establish the work of their hands”!

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