Ready at rock bottom

It’s never too late for compassion.

When Vova was eight, his parents lost guardianship because of drinking and neglect, then his mother died. He was moved from one orphanage to another, then into foster care and the trade school system. Like many orphan boys, Vova responded to trauma by losing himself in alcohol, other substances, and fighting.

We got to know him during life skills lessons at his trade school. Because of his dangerous associates, to save his own life he had to drop out of school and move to Kyiv. He was caught stealing there, and spent two months in a detention center.

This summer, he resurfaced in Zhytomyr. He was admitted to a homeless shelter, then kicked out. Meanwhile, he’d lost his passport, the most important piece of ID for a Ukrainian. At nineteen, Vova’s life was a mess.

He needed divine and human compassion. We helped Vova acquire a passport, supplied hygiene kits and food, and helped with job-hunting. Vova himself suggested Hebron IT Academy, where several of our guys have studied computer skills.

Almost every day for two weeks our staff met with Vova to prepare him for admission. He didn’t have a computer, so he studied at our Day Center computer lab. To everyone’s surprise, he was accepted! We helped him organize documents, pass a medical exam, and purchase transportation to Lviv.

Vova studying at Hebron IT Academy

Now, Vova is at Hebron, focused on learning, and wants to avoid his old habits. Vova has just begun to mature; he tried to start a fight with a teacher, and could have been expelled. But the school graciously gave him time. He asked for forgiveness, and was reinstated. One of the men on our staff calls often to encourage and advise him.

Thanks to your support, and God’s compassionate timing, when Vova hit rock bottom our staff were waiting, ready to help him make a fresh start!

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