Pray for Last Bell Camps & Orphan Volunteers

Summer is a special prayer opportunity: we’ll spend extra time with orphanage graduates during busy days at camp. And we’ll get to witness young people giving back by volunteering!

How to pray for Last Bell’s camps:

  • Pray for safety and health, especially for our Stop the Cycle families with young children taking a long bus ride and playing by the sea
  • Pray for the unfolding of trust-based relationships with orphanage graduates
  • Pray for sustained energy and wisdom for our staff

Info about individual camps:

July 7th – 12th

English Camp near Kyiv

Luba and Vasya Yaroshuk will lead this camp for students ages 15-17 from a Zhytomyr trade school. They’ll practice English skills, vital for passing college entrance exams. This is an investment in their future!

July 12th – 16th

“Vector” camp near Zhytomyr

Also for trade school students ages 15-17.

July 20th – 27th

Stop the Cycle camp near Odessa, on the Black Sea

Eight staff members, including former orphan Yulia Sagaidachna, will lead this trip for orphan-parented families, who will play and learn together while volunteers provide childcare for parenting classes.

July 29th – August 6th

Camp in the Carpathian Mountains (Western Ukraine)

Lena Voznyuk and Nastya Konsedailo will lead this group of students, ages 18-22.

August 14th – 21st

Camp with Agape Ministry, also in the Carpathian Mountains

Abram Krevoruchko will lead this trip for orphan students, also ages 18-22.

Our Youth Giving Back

It’s a great joy when youth begin to thrive and serve others. Please pray for our youth volunteering:

  • Sveta Varss, volunteering at church camp
  • Alona Varss, church camp and Mission to Ukraine’s camp for children with disabilities
  • Kiril Kirichenko, church day camp
  • Anya Hrobust, who just started her own medical practice, volunteering at Stop the Cycle camp
  • Vika Zdebko, in the kitchen at church camp

Many thanks for your prayers for our exciting summer!

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