Pray for Inga’s evacuation; youth giving back

Many of you will remember Stop the Cycle mom Inga, with Oksana in these photos from 2020:

Today Oksana and Andrey are picking up Inga and her two children, as well as Inga’s niece and a neighbor, and bringing them back to the Shelter. Two former orphans – Shelter staff member and resident doctor Anya and volunteer/part-time photographer Masha – are making food and preparing the Shelter for them. Tomorrow, Inga’s family will begin evacuating. Please pray for safety and for all the logistics for Inga, that her needs and her¬†family’s needs will be met.¬†

Yesterday, we promised two stories: one about Andrey’s experience getting his mother and some of her family members out of the country, and photos of our youth helping in Zhytomyr. Tomorrow we’ll share Andrey’s story.

Most of our work right now is helping prepare evacuees and taking care of our youth and families who are still in Zhytomyr. But people are already beginning to clean up some of the damage from shelling and bombing, when they’re able. A church attended by some of our staff and youth was damaged recently. Some of our guys who receive help from Last Bell wanted to give back, so they came and did some physically challenging cleanup work.

One piece of good news: former Last Bell staff member Nastia, who moved to California with her husband a few years ago, flew to Poland to help Yuliana and our moms. She arrived today. Everybody was so glad to see her!

Even as we evacuate people, deliver groceries and hygiene kits, visit with and encourage our youth, and meet all kinds of other wartime needs, our leadership is prayerfully considering the near future of Last Bell’s work. Our heart is always to serve orphaned youth and families. As we determine how God is leading us to fulfill that mission in these new, drastically different circumstances, we’ll let you know. Watch for an email later this week with some thoughts from our leadership team. 

Thank you for giving, praying, and reaching out. 

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