Please pray for our community in Ukraine


The time we’ve most feared has arrived. As many of you know, the Russian invasion began overnight with explosions all around Ukraine, including what we believe to be a military base in Zhytomyr.

For the last month we have been preparing as much as we can, stocking up on hygiene supplies and dry and canned goods for our youth and families who might need them. 

So far our staff and youth in Zhytomyr are safe, and yet overwhelmed at the news they woke up to this morning. As a day turns to night in Ukraine, please pray for peace in their hearts, for their safety, for wisdom to know how to proceed. Please pray for our orphaned students, and for the moms and their children in the Shelter. Please pray for our staff. Lord, have mercy and give them strength. 

Our Ukrainian staff and youth are at this moment gathering to pray, as we are here in the United States as well. Please join us in asking for God’s intervention throughout this day and the days to come.

Thank you for all your messages of concern and for your prayers. We will update you as soon as we know more. 

Megan Hershey

Executive Director

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