Photos: Your gifts fund every step of humanitarian aid distribution

Every day, we’re meeting desperate needs. And each logistical step, from purchasing to packing to delivering, is fueled by your generosity.

First, your gifts purchase bulk supplies and keep our storage rooms well-stocked. These include dry goods, hygiene supplies, diapers, baby food, and more.

Then, our staff breaks down most of the bulk items and packs them for individual families. This is a time-intensive task! Many thanks to our monthly and general fund donors; your generosity keeps our hard-working staff paid even in a crisis, when so many citizens have seen paychecks dry up.

Some of those in need come directly to the Shelter. Recently, a family fled the fighting in northeast Ukraine and moved in with a missionary in Zhytomyr who’s a friend of Last Bell. The husband and father had been killed, leaving his wife with their six children. They dropped by the Shelter to pick up clothes and other supplies. 

Our team regularly delivers grocery bags and hygiene kits to our own orphan-parented families and orphaned youth. We’ve shared many of those stories over the past two months. We’ve also delivered supplies to local families on file with social services. 

Zhytomyr is on the evacuation route from Kyiv to the western parts of Ukraine, so we see many evacuees. Some stay a night or two, and some stay longer. All need humanitarian aid. Two staff members and four of our youth recently delivered bulk supplies to help the city serve refugees. 

Your donations provide the fuel, vehicle maintenance, and staff drivers for all these deliveries.

When our families are too far away, we take their boxes to the post office. Your gifts ship vital supplies to families in need.

The receiving families often share photos of their children surrounded by the groceries that will keep them fed and healthy. The most recent shipments included Easter sweets, toys, and New Testaments. 

In gratitude, one young mom recently sent this video of her youngest boy singing a famous Ukrainian folk song. Since the war began, children sing it all over the country. The last line says, “We will cheer up our glorious Ukraine!”

YOU are helping us cheer up and restore our beloved country. Thank you!

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