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Photos: wartime activities with orphaned youth

Even in the midst of war, our mission in the city of Zhytomyr remains the same: to love and serve orphaned youth. In a crisis it’s so important for vulnerable teenagers to be encouraged and reassured by adults who care about them. One day this week, several Educational Outreach staff members met with orphaned students for a class about first aid.

Another day, staff member Vasya photographed these rare moments of normalcy with orphaned students. First they went grocery shopping together, then two students baked something special for everyone.

We’ve had many opportunities to meet immediate needs. A young woman we met when she was a student is now the mother of a baby and toddler. She asked for help, so Anya put together a box of necessities, plus a couple of surprises for the kids.

Though our youth and families are in many different places now, our staff is finding creative ways to stay in touch, offer encouragement, and help. This week has been quiet in Zhytomyr (few attacks or air raid sirens). Thank you for praying protection over our city and everyone here.