Photos: Varss Apartment Progress

Providing former orphans with stable housing helps them become thriving contributors in Ukrainian society. This is key to stopping the generational orphanage cycle in all post-Soviet countries!

In April, we shared about one of Restoration Project’s recent successes: the home of Sasha and Alona Kaplun. Our crew transformed Sasha’s unsafe, unlivable village house into a comfortable, light-filled home for Sasha, Alona, and their daughter Zlata.

We also introduced the Varss sisters, two young women who grew up in the orphanage system. They’ve become dear friends and trusted Last Bell volunteers.

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Sveta (right) is studying medicine in Zhytomyr, and Alona (left) is also in a university program. Both are Christians and active in church. After they graduated from our residential Shelter program, they moved into a social dormitory.

Then our staff helped them follow up on a government offer of an apartment, which yielded this:

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Not quite move-in ready. But our Restoration Project crew wasn’t daunted! They made a plan, and have been hard at work.

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Here’s the “before” photo for some beautiful tile work…

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…and here’s the “after” photo:

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After this renovation, the Varss sisters will have a welcoming apartment to call home. But the orphanage graduates on our renovation crew also reap the benefits of this program. From team leader Sergei they’re learning important job skills like plumbing and wiring:

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Through the Restoration Project, orphans give back by providing other orphans with safe housing. Last Bell’s staff are helping all our orphanage graduates establish a community where needs, gifts, and abundance are shared – a community of hope that’s breaking the orphanage cycle.

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This complex undertaking – truly life-changing for Sveta, Alona, and our Restoration Project crew – wouldn’t be possible without all of you: our donors and praying friends!

Keep watching for future updates about the Varss sisters and their apartment.

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