Photos: Ira visits her childhood home

Visit to Cholovichi with Ira

Orphanage graduate Ira moved into our Shelter facility last year, and baby Sophia was born in September. Recently, our Mobile Unit took Ira to the region where she grew up to help her establish safe housing. She applied for a housing grant in her hometown and completed other paperwork. Then we drove to her old home.

Staff member Sasha shared that the house was “wooden and cold.”

While she was in town, Ira was able to reconnect with some of her family. Her uncle was happy to see her, and introduced her aunt and cousin.

L-R: Ira’s aunt, Ira, Ira’s cousin, Ira’s uncle, and Sophia in the stroller

Ira’s aunt brought out a newspaper clipping all about the death of Ira’s mother, her father’s drinking, and her siblings. Ira’s mother drowned, likely under the influence of alcohol. Ira’s sister was adopted out of country, and her new family doesn’t allow contact. 

It’s not uncommon for orphans’ family tragedies to be written up in the local paper.

Ira’s dad wasn’t home, but we did visit her mother’s grave.

We love helping our youth reconnect with family, when possible. Orphans often need logistical help and emotional support to do this. Since her visit, Ira has been talking to her aunt on the phone. Her cousin will soon be a dad, so she’s been gathering things to pass along for the baby.

The resting-place of Ira’s mother

Right now, safe housing is Ira’s big project. She’s waiting to hear about the grant. But when Sophia is old enough for kindergarten, Ira wants to find work assisting children with disabilities. Your support allows us to help Ira with her education and career, so she can end the cycle of poverty and abandonment and plan a bright future for herself and her daughter!

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