Photos: Day Center and Shelter filling up as the war continues

Dear friends, 

It’s now been over three months since the invasion. Zhytomyr hasn’t been hit recently, but Kyiv is two hours away. Last week’s bombing was a sober reminder that war is still a threat to our region, not just the East.

And strikes from earlier in the war caused overwhelming damage. The north of our oblast (region) was hit hard. Malyn, on the route from Belarus to Kyiv, was a hot zone for the first few weeks. In May at least 100 homes were destroyed there, and many citizens were trapped in cellars for days.

Almost 1/3 of Ukraine’s population evacuated. But many are now returning. Some of our evacuated families hope to return soon, to reunite with husbands and fathers and begin to rebuild.

Already we see signs of the renewal we long for. More and more students are returning to the Day Center to play games, make crafts, eat together, and spend time with our staff.

And our Shelter just welcomed another new resident. That makes two! These moms and their babies have brought our Shelter back to life. Everyone is glad to see the bedrooms occupied and hear the babies’ cries; Anya C. is cooking again.

Prior to the war, our friends at Genesis Church provided funds for new furniture at the Shelter. After a war-related delay, our Restoration Project crew installed the new beds and wardrobes, and the two new residents are making good use of them.

Our community welcomed a third new life as well! Dima and his wife Valya, both orphans, are now parents. We’re ready to offer whatever help they need to keep their little family healthy. 

Thank you, friends, for your generosity, and for your prayer and fellowship during these challenges.

The Last Bell Team

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