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Peace in the midst of displacement

So far, we’ve helped about 150 people evacuate. Some went to Poland and other neighbors, others as far as Germany, Austria, and Sweden. About 20 are orphaned students. Many are single moms with their children. Some were at the center of Last Bell’s community, beloved volunteers and friends.

This week, three families left the retreat center in Poland for more permanent situations. One mom was joined by her husband (exempt from the draft), and they’re taking their daughter to Austria. “Thank you to everyone who prayed for me,” she said. “I felt it.”

Oksana O., Natasha K., and their children are moving to the Netherlands where they have support from family and church friends. Oksana volunteered at Stop the Cycle summer camps; Natasha (right photo, center) taught children at church and volunteered at an orphanage. She’s outspoken about the way Shelter changed her life, and about her faith.

This parting was especially difficult for Yuliana; Oksana and Natasha had been her helpers in Poland. But after two days of prayer, God gave her peace. “My relationship with God here in the midst of trials and tribulations is something incredible. Here my heart especially knows the breadth, depth, and height of my heavenly Father’s love!”

Natasha’s little girl told Yuliana, “Don’t cry, I’ll come right back and pick you up… You yourself said God wants us to be all right!”

As you pray for the safety and practical needs of our community, we ask you also to pray fervently for their faith to be sustained—for this peace that comes only from God.