Our community is stronger with orphanage graduates

A community is only whole when it doesn’t leave its most vulnerable members behind.

Nastya, an orphanage graduate with an intellectual disability, attends our life skills lessons at her trade school. At the Day Center, no one makes fun of her, she is accepted for who she is, and she experiences the love and warmth of our staff. She is a warm, caring person.

We’ve known Nastya for five years, and she loves the weekly craft lessons at the Day Center. Recently, after a day of learning macrame, Nastya gave her project as a gift to staff member Lena.

This sweet wall hanging—and the generous heart behind it—is a good reminder of why we help orphanage graduates. It’s not out of pity. Rather, these young people have just as much to offer as those who grew up in families. But without support, their gifts remain hidden. We’re so glad Nastya is part of the Last Bell community!

PS: For many years, our friends at Mission to Ukraine have been transforming a post-Soviet culture to make a place for those with disabilities. They are a bright light in our city!

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