Orphanage graduates in the midst of war

Can you imagine being an orphaned teenager in wartime? After a childhood of neglect, abuse, and years in an orphanage, you graduate into a bewildering world alone. Just as you begin to find your way, war upends everything.

Before the invasion, our Educational Outreach staff met orphaned teens in Zhytomyr’s trade schools and social dorms, teaching life skills and developing trust relationships. Now more than ever our youth need the stability of quality time with our staff.

We continue to meet practical needs as well. Dima, 21, became homeless when his guardians evacuated. At our Day Center he’s able to shower, wash his clothes, and have hot meals. We’re supplying groceries and helping him search for jobs. 

Andriy was part of our community before he moved overseas for work. In a recent check-in, he told us he has lymphoma. He moved to Prague, near friends, and his treatment will be free. But in the absence of family, our staff has been his support team, praying, listening, and encouraging.

Our community believes in Ukraine’s future, even though the present seems bleak. After the activity discussing the question “What is Ukraine to you?” staff member Yulia shared this message on behalf of the group: “We all believe that the war will end soon, and our Ukraine will rise, recover and become a prosperous country.” 

Thank you for standing with Ukraine! 

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